February - Luke Bonaccorsi & Wade Penistone

Date: 27th February 2019

Time: 18:30 - 20:30

Join us to hear from Luke Bonaccorsi and Wade Penistone, as well as a chance to win a code for a year subscription for a Jetbrains toolbox product of your choice and a chance to win a ticket for the FrontendNE 2019 conference!


Coding Is Serious Business

Speaker: Luke Bonaccorsi Twitter: @CodeFoodPixels Pronouns: He/Him

Coding is serious business. Except it isn't. Code gives us the power to unleash our creative potential in new and interesting ways, whether that’s making interactive art, creating live music and visualisations, building games or even adding joyful flourishes on a web app.

In this talk, I’ll show that our code doesn’t just have to be for building boring applications. Using real examples, I’ll talk about some ways that we can bring creativity into our coding projects, as well as ways for us to share our knowledge and why it’s important that we do. By the end, I hope to have inspired you to bring creativity into your projects and given you the enthusiasm to share your knowledge.


Speaker: Wade Penistone Twitter: @PenistoneWade Pronouns: He/Him

Bots, machine learning and AI are hot topics in the industry at the moment. The skillsets are in demand and there is plenty of resources for learning. Lots of people now also use voice assistants and helpdesk automated facilities.

However developing for these is still a very vague and improvised strategy, with tools and frameworks only offering a limited scope and most of us as web developers unaware on the layers of compexity involved in creating an effective AI.

Join me for what I believe is a solution to this problem, aimed at simplifying and consolidating the code needed in an nice and easy to use package/ecosystem.


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Luke Bonaccorsi - Coding Is Serious Business

Wade Penistone - Mindstack

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