April - PWAs, JAM and Headless CMS

Date: 24th April 2019

Time: 18:30 - 20:30

This month we have Jamie Bradley and Sam Beckham with us for an ancronym packed event! We'll also be giving away 2 codes for a year subscription for a Jetbrains toolbox product of your choice and a ticket for the Amsterdam JSNation conference!


Finding My Sanity

Speaker: Jamie Bradley Twitter: @jamiebradley234 Pronouns: He/Him

Following my previous talk "What the JAMstack" my talk will revise the basics of JAMstack i.e. what it is, why it’s becoming so popular and also some of the potential drawbacks with using JAMstack. I will then follow up with a demonstration of a project using Gatsby along with a Headless CMS solution called Sanity. I will showcase how this fits into the JAMstack and why it is proving to be a success.

Making GitLab a PWA

Speaker: Sam Beckham Twitter: @samdbeckham Pronouns: He/Him

This is not your typical PWA talk. We're not going to make a dummy application that's perfectly tailored for use with a PWA, then show you just how easy it is to turn it into one. We're not going to talk about how much faster, or how much more useful our website is now that it's a PWA. We're not even going to make anything particularly useful.

I'm going to show you how to use the concept of "the boring solution" to make small changes to a big application. Small changes that, over time, turn in to large ones. Specifically, my process of turning GitLab into a "PWA" in less than 100 lines of code.

This is a real story of GitLab's journey to a fully fledged PWA. One small step at a time.


Sky Betting & Gaming

Website: https://www.skybetcareers.com/


Website: https://bruntwood.co.uk/

Starlight Software

Website: https://www.starlightsoftware.co.uk/


Website: https://www.jetbrains.com/


Website: https://jsnation.com/


Jamie Bradley - Finding My Sanity

Sam Beckham - Making GitLab a PWA

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