June - A Testing Extravaganza!

Date: 26th June 2019

Time: 18:30 - 20:30

This month is a testing extravaganza with talks from Colin Wren talking about testing Kafka and Daniel Irvine talking about doing test driven development with React.

We'll also be giving away 2 codes for a year subscription for a Jetbrains toolbox product of your choice!

Please note: LeedsJS is intended for people looking to expand their knowledge and meet the community. While recruiters are welcome to come and learn, we operate a strict no active recruitment policy, outside of the job pitches at the start of the event.


Testing Kafka with Jest and NodeJS

Speaker: Colin Wren

Having spent the last 6 months testing a Kafka based application, Colin gives a short introduction to what Kafka is, how it’s used and shares his experience of writing an end-to-end test framework using Jest and NodeJS.

Testing React with the 'act' function

Speaker: Daniel Irvine

React 16.8 introduced a new 'act' function that helps with testing side effects and asynchronous effects in React components. However, that first release only supported some use cases. The upcoming React 16.9 release, currently available as an alpha release, includes an updated version of 'act' that covers more use cases. In this talk I'll explore how you can use it to improve your test suites.


Our events are held at Platform, right next to Leeds train station. The address is:

New Station St

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