August - Research, Amplify and the serverless web

Date: 28th August 2019

Time: 18:45 - 20:30

This month we have Chad Gowler talking about how developers can get involved in user research, Tom Hanson talking about AWS Amplify, and Phil Hawksworth will be talking about why he loves the JAMstack.

We'll also be giving away 2 codes for a year subscription for a Jetbrains toolbox product of your choice!

Please note: LeedsJS is intended for people looking to expand their knowledge and meet the community. While recruiters are welcome to come and learn, we operate a strict no active recruitment policy, outside of the job pitches at the start of the event.


Working Through The Problem: How Developers Can Get Involved With Research

Speaker: Chad Gowler (@kitation)

We talk a lot about user research being a “team sport” but this doesn’t always work out in reality. It can be tricky for non-researchers to make time in their schedules on something not seen as their “day job”.

This talk is about why taking part in user research is a vital task for developers, ways you can start talking to dev teams and managers about making space in sprints for research, and how analysis can create a better product. We will also look at how to do research without a researcher effectively and where even small amounts of research can yield important insights.

Bootstrapping your app with AWS Amplify

Speaker: Tom Hanson (@iTomHanson)

In the past, Amazon Web Services (AWS) was most commonly used by DevOps engineers who focused on leveraging services for application development. However, with recent developments for web and mobile services, this has changed and you can now streamline your application development workflow. In this talk, we'll explore how AWS Amplify can be used by nearly any level of developer to connect Cloud services to your app - all in just a few lines of code.

Are you being servered? — Exploring a serverless web

Speaker: Phil Hawksworth (@philhawksworth)

“JAMstack” is an emerging term which some may like and others might not. It describes an approach to architecting and delivering sites as pre-rendered assets, and where necessary, enhancing them with JavaScript and services via APIs… an approach which some may like and others might not.

Personally I love this approach. And I want to explain why.

There has never been a better time for a fresh look at how we approach building and delivering web sites and applications. From the careful selection of JavaScript libraries and frameworks, to the use of emerging tools, services, and platforms.


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