September - Nought to tester and memory management

Date: 25th September 2019

Time: 18:45 - 20:30

This month Beth North will be taking us from Nought to tester in 30 minutes and Katie Fenn will be talking about memory management in JavaScript!

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Nought to Tester in 30 Minutes

Speaker: Beth North Twitter: @EccentricTester Pronouns: She/Her

The world of testing is huge and often we have no idea where to start in a new area. I want to walkthrough what are considered the basics of exploratory testing and some of my thought processes when tackling a task. This include: tips to get started, what risks are considered and how developers directly impact exploratory testing

Memory: Don't Forget to Take Out the Garbage

Speaker: Katie Fenn Twitter: @katie_fenn Pronouns: She/Her

Memory is fundamentally important to any computer program. It's a finite resource, and is limited on mobile devices more than it is on desktop. JavaScript does a remarkable job of hiding this complexity from us. What's going on behind the scenes, and how can you fix problems when memory runs out?


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