October - Failure & building new realities

Date: 30th October 2019

Time: 18:45 - 20:30

This month Crispin Read will be celebrating failure, and Luke Bonaccorsi will be talking about building new realities with WebXR

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How to fail *really* well

Speaker: Crispin Read Twitter: @crispin_read

Failure is not always a bad thing. In fact, it is quite rare that it \_is\_ a bad thing. Every time we fail at something is an opportunity to learn and adapt. I'll be talking about my relationship with failure and how I use failing to teach others, there will be references to code but also lego, bread, bottle rockets and Oprah. I'll cover my most recent massive fail in some detail and end with an interactive \*celebration\* of failure \*\o/\*

I reject your reality and substitute my own


Virtual reality means that creators can build an immersive experience for their users, whether that means transporting them to another time or place, or building an entirely new universe. Technology advances over the past few years means that these experiences are available to more people than ever, but usually these require expensive headsets and powerful PCs to run them. But thanks to WebXR, we can use the web to build virtual reality and mixed reality experiences that can run in the browser! In this talk, we’ll look at a few uses of WebXR, from displaying a 360 degree photo, to building our own world! By the end, I hope to have inspired you to give WebXR a try!


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