November - Lightning talks!

Date: 27th November 2019

Time: 18:45 - 20:30

This month we're holding our first lightning talk event! We have a number of great sounding talks from some really great speakers!

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Landing on the Desktop with Electron

Speaker: Nathaniel Okenwa Twitter: @chatterboxCoder

As web developers, it can be easy to feel handcuffed to the browser. Thankfully, Electron enables you to use HTML, CSS and JavaScript to create cross platform desktop applications. By the end of this talk, you’ll have a basic understanding of how to set up your first desktop app.

JavaScript has eaten Data Visualization, too

Speaker: Layik Hama Twitter: @layik

Visual analytics plays a key role in carrying out research. At Leeds Institute for Data Analytics I find myself writing JavaScript (React) directly than going through R or Python to visualize data-sets I work with. Data Visualization is an essential if not the end product of data analytics. I have been writing React code for three years. Prior to that it was Java, Python and Objective C mostly for Android and iOS. My current project is an eAtlas web application for the Alan Turing Institute, which is written in React to visualize geospatial data-sets. It is based on a framework I have been working on which relies on R and React.

Mentoring - What's in it for ME?

Speaker: Crispin Read Twitter: @crispin_read

5 min lightning talk on kickbacks from a mentoring culture

The cube rule of food identification


For decades scholars have struggled with classification of food, but no more. The cube rule strives to bring unity to the world of food classification.

Tell your component story with Storybook

Speaker: Jusef Belkasemi Twitter: @jbelkase

A quick introduction to the Storybook tool for building awesome interactive documentation and developing JavaScript components in isolation.

HTML can do that?!


A brief talk about the amazing things HTML elements can do! Covering off situations that commonly require lots of JavaScript such as modals and collapsing sections and more! Reduce your bundle size, increase performance and use the platform!


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