Meteor: Rock Your World


A really impassioned and wide-ranging exploration of the delights Meteor has to offer, so thanks very much to Bob for traversing the Pennines to be with us. Here is Bob's presentation:

February 26th at Salem Chapel, Leeds

February's NodeUpNorth meeting explores Meteor, the ambitious open source framework that simply sits atop of Node. Or is that all it is?

In this month's presentation, Bob Davies will be offering his thoughts on Meteor.


Meteor is not JUST a platform built over Node, used to make reactive data-driven applications simpler, better, and faster than ever; though it is that for sure. Meteor is a different approach to how an application should be built, how developers AND users should interact with it, and how they should interact with each other…

Meteor embraces all things Node, and then some. Meteor Intro/Tech to start, and a discussion of some of the unique challenges and opportunities Meteor presents. Want to know if Meteor is for you? Come and find out :)

Our Speaker

Bob Davies (IndieSpring/Imba Software)

I'm a javascript developer with a generalist background (done a bit of everything over the last ~15 years). I've been using Node for a couple of years and playing with Meteor for the last year or so.

I've mostly built small/fun-projects and tech-demos with Meteor to see what it can do, though finishing up dev stage on my latest platform at the moment: Undostagram. I've learned a bit about how to use Meteor to get things done for real, which comes with its own issues when you're building a platform re-usable for many different end-products.

I have a corporate background in .Net, plenty of PHP and Java too, but have been using Javascript as my main language on various platforms for 5-6 years, starting with browser plugins, XUL/air/etc, into APIs and games on top of Node.


From 7pm on Wednesday 26th February 2014


aql, Salem Chapel, 11-15 Hunslet Road, LS10 1JQ


Simply RSVP on our Meetup page.


This event is brought to you courtesy of our sponsors:

  • aql - provide our meeting space in Salem Chapel
  • Conex - provide prizes and pay the bar bill
  • Frogtrade - feed us (Last time for Frog - thanks for all the support guys!)
  • First 10 - organise the meetings and speakers

Please note the group is intended for developers looking to expand their knowledge in a recruiter free zone only so whilst interest from recruitment consultants is nice we have a no recruiters policy.

Mark Skeet

Mark Skeet

I'm Head of Technical at First 10 Digital and I also organise the NodeUpNorth meetings with the lovely Sarah from Conex!

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