Node Up North is 1!


Dan has provided his talk slides.

And here are Chris's talk slides.

April 30th at Salem Chapel, Leeds

April's NodeUpNorth marks our first birthday…

So this month we have two great speakers and more prizes, lots of food and drink, you'd be mad to miss out.

Dan Spencer

Our first speaker is Dan Spencer who will be talking to us about [TypeScript]. Dan will cover:

  • The basics of TypeScript

  • How he uses it in a Node environment

  • Why it's a valuable tool for Node applications

Dan (@dan_spencer) is a Leeds based PHP & JS developer. Check out his Github

Chris Manson

And as if that wasn't enough we're also joined by Chris Manson (@real_ate), CTO of startup are a startup that build exclusively in full stack Javascript. Chris will talk to us about Express Autoroute: 2 helper npm modules that have contributed for making Express routes a breeze. Chris is a confirmed fan of EmberJS.

Chris will talk about why he and his team created Express Autoroute and how it can be used to clean up your Express applications.

He will also cover's preference for Convention over Configuration and why they find highly opinionated libraries really helps development in any size team.


From 7pm on Wednesday 20th April 2014.


aql, Salem Chapel, 11-15 Hunslet Road, LS10 1JQ


Simply RSVP on our Meetup page.


This event is brought to you courtesy of our partners and sponsors:

  • aql - provide our meeting space in Salem Chapel
  • Conex - provide prizes and pay the bar bill
  • First 10 - organise the meetings and speakers and pay for the food.


Once more we'll have some Github Community provided promo codes for Github Micro plans.

Please note the group is intended for developers looking to expand their knowledge in a recruiter free zone only so whilst interest from recruitment consultants is nice we have a no recruiters policy.

Mark Skeet

Mark Skeet

I'm Head of Technical at First 10 Digital and I also organise the NodeUpNorth meetings with the lovely Sarah from Conex!

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