How to save time, budget and your in-house development teams

Date: 26th Feb 2020

Speakers: Sarah Carr, Oliver Cavanagh and Emma Hawkins


The age old discussion of agency vs in-house development teams, this talk will discuss a project which faced this battle head on. The team that will present the talk has a wealth of knowledge in all thing development. Sarah has been a Developer for 7 years, Emma a Software Tester for 5 years and Oliver a full-time developer for 4 years, having arrived through the Software at Sky scheme. They all share a passion for all things software development. Building, Testing and Deploying websites can cause a lot of issues, that many development environments find relatable in one way or another. When building websites the "traditional way" was no longer feasible, learn how they took a U-turn and changed their approach to the way the Business and Corporate tribe build websites at Sky. This talk is aimed at people who want to change their platform or legacy system, but don’t know where to start, Sarah, Ollie and Emma will talk you through the development life cycle of Captain, and how we achieved this at Sky.

This talk is aimed at all members of the Engineering Team, from both technical and non-technical backgrounds. The team will cover how Captain came to be and the journey of defining our platform and solving the problem of how in-house teams compete with agencies. A explanation on the tech used for the project will be given in detail, which is primarily nextJS, and how this modern app framework helps deliverer scalable websites easier without the need for a boilerplate. It will also take deep dive look at range of topics including infrastructure, they will show how they have set our infrastructure up using Octopus Deploy & Circle CI for our deployment pipelines which is load balanced on a k8 cluster using helm. It will also touch on how they monitor sky applications in production to ensure that they have maximum up time, they will show a range of tools the platform uses including efk, grafana to interpret our Prometheus data & also Jager for tracing. An explanation of how they do testing at Sky from the process of how they define what it valuable test is and where/when to run it. There will be examples of tests running in the CI/CD pipeline using jest, testcafe, backstop and mountebank. Overall the team will show you their approach to competing with agency's by using the latest technology to save time and budget.

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